Takashi Tezuka, a man with a stunning thirty year career with Nintendo, has definitely been a part of the creation of even the most critically acclaimed games in the Nintendo series. In a recent interview with NZGamer, Tezuka notes that although he would enjoy a remake of Majora’s Mask, there just isn’t any information out about a remake even happening.

NZGamer: I have a question just for myself as a big fan of a multitude of games Tezuka-san has worked on. Is there any hope for a Mario Sunshine sequel or a 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask?

Tezuka: [laughs] This is my personal opinion, let’s start with that.

NZGamer: It can be off the record if you like.

Tezuka: I mean, of course I wish we could. I personally would like to enjoy those again but I don’t have any information.

Now keep in mind fans, Takashi Tezuka holds the “General Manager of EAD Software Development Department” position within the largest game development division in the company. For him to have such a high position within Nintendo with absolutely zero information about a possible remake of Majora’s Mask might be disheartening for fans of the frightening Zelda game.

In my opinion, there is still a chance that a revamp could occur. There’s still the fact that Aonuma has admitted that he knows that fans desperately want a remake of Majora’s Mask and he always hears the voices of the fans. Plus, Operation Moonfall alone caused so much publicity and fan-material to emerge that even Nintendo recognizes the extent that fans desire a new Majora’s Mask. Of course, these factors alone don’t guarantee anything in terms of there being a remake or not, but the constant effort put in by fans definitely puts the idea of a Majora’s Mask remake on the table to be remade.

Source: NZGamer

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