Not all of us, unfortunately, have the ability to wait for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the 7th of December. That is the case with Chris Taylor, a big fan of Smash Bros. who was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Naturally, he was worried about not living long enough to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:


After fans across the net rallied around him though, it appeared that at least there would be a silver lining: Nintendo got word of this, and flew the E3 demo of Smash Ultimate to him so that he could play. Chris, his family, and his friends got to play the game for three hours, taking multiple pictures which he promised to upload. In response, he tweeted this:

A similar story happened in 2017 when Nintendo granted the wish of 26-year-old Gabe Marcela, who had but hours left, by flying him a copy of Breath of the Wild ahead of release date. Both cases remained silent by Nintendo.

It’s incredible to know Nintendo cares about their fans. We all stand behind Chris and hope for the best for him.

Source: Game Informer

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