On May 12th, Tears of the Kingdom‘s launch day, the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil woke up with huge replicas of Goddess Hylia statues (as seen in the game and in Breath of the Wild) scattered around at random spots in the city and its countryside.

Anyone who thinks these curious appearances are the work of Nintendo’s marketing team for Latin America is very wrong. A group of die-hard fans actually carried out the movement of spreading out these beautiful statues, for the purpose of celebrating the long-awaited game’s launch. The group was also responsible for spreading Pokémon statues in Suzano, another city in Sao Paulo, in 2018.

The unnamed organizers of the action told Brazilian gaming portal The Enemy:

[Translated from Portuguese] “The purpose of the action was, first, to pay homage to the Zelda franchise, to draw Nintendo’s attention to the Brazilian market and fans, and to show that it has a large fanbase here!”

The sculptures are also pretty heavy, since they were modeled in 3D and made of solid concrete. In all, there were six statues spread across the capital of Sao Paulo. That’s really impressive!

Check out some more pictures that fans posted of these amazing artworks on Twitter.

This kind of movement makes Brazilian fans’ love for Nintendo even more notorious, even though the company and Latin America’s largest country have a complicated on-and-off relationship. After officially leaving the country a few years ago due to bureaucratic difficulties, Nintendo is back, and players just recently started getting some big first-party titles localized in Brazilian Portuguese. Unfortunately, Tears of the Kingdom is not on that list (at least for now). As a Brazilian myself, I wholeheartedly hope that the situation can change in the near future.

What about you? How do you like these statues? Would you go find those beauties to snap some pictures if they were around your area? Let us know in the comments section.

Sources: The Enemy, O Diário de Mogi, cprandoni (via marinadrpp_)

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