I remember a certain article from two years ago called “Real Zelda Players Choose to Hold”. It stirred up strong responses, both agreeing and disagreeing. When it comes to targeting options in Zelda, I always choose hold. I feel it gives me more control, and is what I’ve always used. It frustrates me how the GameCube versions of the N64 games default to “switch”.

Hold seems like what was always intended, with switch being the alternative option for people with motor based disabilities and so forth. Many people can’t handle the “hold” option, which makes it perfectly acceptable. Not that I’m saying you’re disabled if you choose “switch”. It is however hard to argue for “switch” being intended when Ocarina of Time says in-game “They say that players who select the “HOLD” option for “Z TARGETING” are real “Zelda players!”“. Hold is also known to be fairly intensive on the index finger, as Orca alludes to in The Wind Waker. So how do you play? When it comes to Z or L targetting, do you hold or do you switch? Let us know in the comments below.

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