Just in time for the title’s second birthday, Nintendo has released a new “Sights & Sounds” promo for Breath of the Wild. Highlighting the game’s sense of discovery and natural beauty, this new promo invites players to discover (or rediscover) Breath‘s world on Nintendo Switch. But beyond just promoting the latest Zelda adventure, this video also takes viewers on an immersive walk through the woods.

This new “Sights and Sounds” promo aims to show the similarities between Breath of the Wild‘s exploration and real-life path finding. Filmed at Rattlesnake Ridge in North Bend, Washington — about 30 miles East of Nintendo of America’s headquarters in Redmond — the promo follows a hooded hiker as they trek along a secluded mountain trail. Like our hero Link at the beginning of Breath of the Wild, this hiker makes their way to a cliff-side peak overlooking the vast landscape below.

Perhaps as a way to capitalize on the YouTube ASMR craze, the promo claims that it is “best experienced with headphones,” as that way viewers will be able to fully appreciate the natural sounds present in the video. Everything from tweeting birds, to light gusts of wind, to the crunch of boots stepping along stones comes together to create a strangely soothing atmosphere. And once the hiker reaches their destination, Breath of the Wild‘s minimalist Field theme fades in to complete the tapestry of sound.

Even after two years, I still find myself taken aback by Breath of the Wild‘s expansive game world. What did you think of this “Sights & Sounds” promo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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