When it comes to Zelda, it seems to be almost universally agreed upon that the 3D games are superior to the 2D and “top down” games. The 2D games do have plenty of fans, however, and are beloved for many reasons. Until Ocarina of Time the only games we had were 2D, and we were given some amazing titles like A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening. And even when Nintendo started mostly making the 2D games for their portable systems, we were given titles like The Minish Cap and A Link Between Worlds, both of which proved that 2D Zelda games are still fun, no matter how advanced 3D technology gets. 

In one of his more recent videos, YouTube’s Monster Maze, who has been featured by Zelda Dungeon before, goes over the advantages, disadvantages, and differing game design that only 2D Zelda games can bring to the table. He starts his analysis of the beauty of 2D games by breaking down the subject into several unique categories. He takes a look at accessibility, difficulty, and other aspects of the 2D games while he explains his feelings on the unique experience they bring to the table. 

If you enjoyed this video, Monster Maze has several other Zelda-themed and inspired videos available on his YouTube channel, as well as other gaming-related content. 

What do you love most about 2D Zelda games? Would you prefer Nintendo sticks with the 3D games now that the 3DS has been discontinued, or would you still like to see new 2D games in the future that aren’t just remakes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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