Ever since its release in 2011, Skyward Sword has been a divisive title within the Zelda series. A lot of fans loved it, some hated it. As much as the motion controls were a big contribution to this polarization, the game’s story was also a factor when it came to opinions. Some people did not like chasing after Zelda, and I definitely think that is a valid issue. Artist and YouTuber Elmushterri recently tackled rewriting Skyward Sword to fix the issues they had with the story, while also creating illustrations of the rewrite in their own art style!

The story is adapted into a three-act format; some aspects of the story are similar to what happens in the game, but the main difference is that it takes place from Zelda’s perspective and establishes her as the main character. Another change is that Zelda and Link explore the surface together rather than being split apart for the majority of the story. Elmushterri has a very interesting style for the illustrations in the video. Some of the pieces do get full renders, but a lot of the story is depicted via sketches, kind of like the storyboards you’d see in the early stages of an animation pipeline. If this all sounds interesting, take a look at the video above!

I really enjoyed this rewrite, because one of my main issues with Skyward Sword‘s story was how Hylia and Zelda were handled. Hylia’s sacrifice of her immortality was implied to be a means for her mortal incarnation to use the Triforce, but Zelda ends up not being the one to get the Triforce. I ended up reframing this in context of Breath of the Wild just to make some sense out of Hylia’s sacrifice. Anyway, Elmushterri’s version of the story has Zelda getting the Triforce, which I found to be really cool!

Did you enjoy this rewrite of Skyward Sword and the accompanying art? Is there any other Zelda game that you’d like to see rewritten in such a way? Sound off in the comments below!


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