As fans, sometimes we just want to share our favorite media publicly! Usually it’s by wearing a shirt, or bringing along some kind of accessory, but some fans make it a little more permanent. Recently on the Moore Motorsports Garage YouTube channel, a car was customized with a carved out hood shaped as the Royal Family’s Crest, and LED lights were added to illuminate the carving!

The video found above is actually a full length DIY process video for anyone brave enough to literally carve a hole in their car hood. Essientially, you’d need to center a decal onto the hood and use a cutting tool to make precision cut outs, basically by tracing the decal. Once the cut out is made, you’d want to sand the edges to smooth them out. From there, the next step is mounting LEDs beneath the hood near the cut out, and finally installing a plexiglass cover under the hood for the lights. It may sound simple enough, but this is a pretty challenging project; it requires skill, and a lot of time.

I definitely found this video to be really cool, and showing the full process for anyone who’d like to do something similar is awesome! It certainly would add some extra flair to any vehicle! I would never trust myself to carve my car hood in a similar way though – I’d be too scared of messing up a cut!

Would you like to have an illuminated car hood with a Zelda symbol? What symbol would you choose from the series? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Moore Motorsports Garage

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