The 3D computer graphics creation tool Unreal Engine has enabled Zelda fans to create a lot of great fan content. Ocarina of Time seems to get the Unreal Engine treatment every time a new version comes out, and one contribution for the game in Unreal Engine 5 is being worked on by creator CryZENx. This build is beautiful and the video CryZENx recently uploaded takes you across much of the field, showing off daytime and nighttime sights like waterfalls, rock formations, Castle Town’s walls, some field enemies like peahats and more. Notably, the water and Navi’s wings look fantastic. 

This build constitutes more than a month’s work, and now includes the game’s inventory and other functions. As suggested, a good deal of attention has been paid to the game’s water physics. While it is not currently available to the public, those interested can gain access to demos by supporting the project on Patreon for $15 USD a month. CryZENx intends to release the Unreal Engine 5 build to the public at a later date, but in the meantime an Unreal Engine 4 version is available to download right now from CryZENx’s Discord.

There are currently 64 videos out showcasing the progress of both of the aforementioned Ocarina of Time builds. Other projects CryZENx has worked on include builds of Majora’s Mask, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, FZero X, Luigi’s Mansion, Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao Garden, and Super Mario Sunshine among others. 

Source: CryZENx (via DSOGaming)

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