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AGDQ Begins Today!

January 04 2015 by Sam Mills

AGDQ, or Awesome Games Done Quick, is the Spring event of the Games Done Quick series where high level speed runners for games of all kinds, including the Zelda series, come together to help raise money for charity by live streaming their runs nonstop for a week. January 4th is finally here, meaning the ultra fast gaming has begun! Make the jump to see when they will be running Zelda games!

Alongside the ongoing Zeldathon, another group of The Legend of Zelda fans have been streaming several Zelda games throughout the day, namely ZeldaSpeedRuns’ Relay Race. The organisers of the event rallied up a grand total of 40 speedrunners, including well known runners such as ZFG and Runnerguy, to play through every single mainline 3D Zelda as fast as possible. These 40 players all have one specific game in which they are very proficient, and taking that certain game into account…

As many who have played any Super Smash Bros. game may have witnessed, battles you engage in can get pretty hectic. Now imagine a group of several hundred people trying to play the newest addition to the Super Smash Bros. game series as one character, which is not coincidentally exactly what is going on right this very moment on the popular livestreaming website TwitchTV. The person(s) behind the massively popular channel ‘TwitchPlaysPokemon’, known for its viral livestreaming event sharing the same name, decided to launch a stream where…

BestinJapan is currently streaming Hyrule Warriors live on Twitch. It goes without saying that there will be spoilers for the game within the stream, so if you do not want any of that, this probably isn’t for you. If you honestly don’t care and just want to watch some solid gameplay, you can check it out right here on Zelda Informer. Also, he does speak English, just in case anyone was worried about that…

It is a truly superhuman feat to see fellow gamers dedicate their time to being the best at their craft. One group to especially admire are speedrunners. The sheer time, dedication, and concentration that must be applied to this incredible craft is a sight to behold in practice. And now the record for speedrunning The Wind Waker has been broken! Want to know more details on the broken record and it’s runner? Check it out after the jump.

Speed runners have always and will always impress me immensely. The skill to plow through a game as fast as possible, while exploiting glitches is always amusing to watch and hear about. That being said, the record for completing the first quest in The Legend of Zelda has officially been broken. Click past the jump for more details.

Gotta go fast!

I’ve always admired speedrunners. Delving into a game’s code to learn the intricacies and behind-the-scenes shortcuts to reach completion is an incredible feat, and it blows my mind when someone can beat a game in three hours, when it took me over fifty on my playthrough. Add Twitch user Bob_Loblaw_Law to that list of people I admire, not only for having an awesome Arrested Development name, but also for completing a 100% run of Skyward Sword in only eight hours, thirty-five minutes, and twenty-eight seconds. That’s a new world record.

Although the actual speedrun is a tad old now, it’s still an incredible feat to watch. Check it out inside.

Hey guys, big news! Every summer, over at our Twitch channel the Zelda Dungeon team gets together for their annual marathon; that’s 5 straight days of playing through every single Zelda game to raise money for charity. This year is no exception, and we’re planning a marathon that’s bigger and better than ever! And guess what, it’s just around the corner! Hit the jump to see all of the details.

SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are now live on Twitch.tv for their joint effort to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. For the next full week, 24 hours a day, speedrunners will play games from loads of different series, and giving out awesome prizes to people donating for the cause. Make sure to look out for the Zelda games coming up throughout the marathon! Hit the jump for an update on the scheduled Zelda games, and the prizes going with them.

Passionate Zelda fans Sal, Russell, Jason, and Diego are running a live stream on Twitch to raise money for Weekend to End Women’s Cancer, an annual 60 kilometer charity walk. As I am writing this, Russell is playing through Twilight Princess while Sal is practicing for the race through Majora’s Mask that he and Jason will be having later. The group will also be playing A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker HD, and Skyward Sword. If they receive enough donations, a little bit of Zelda II and Four Swords Adventures will be added. Click through to check out the stream and learn more.