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YouTube user Grobenn25 assembles an entire doorbell by hand—constructing it to play the famous “secret” tone from the Zelda series! That’s right, this user took all the necessary materials, including tubular bells and a rotary hammer to see this thing in action! This is one of the most unique ideas seen from fans, and all created from scratch. Hit the jump to take a look!

Since the announcement of Zelda Wii U, limited details regarding the game’s plot have been spared– leaving plenty of room open for interpretation. Written by one of our very own forum users, Tatltael, has mused an intriguing speculation concerning the story, tone, and other details worth noting that could have otherwise been easily overlooked. You can read all about it after the jump.

Alright, this is it! Tomorrow is E3! As far as Zelda Wii goes, we’ll finally get to find out if some of our theories are correct and if we’re getting what we want. So, while there’s no Curiosity Shop this week, I wanted to make this special video. I’ve made an assortment of 6 predictions about Zelda Wii. This is stuff I’m so certain of that I’d be willing to bet at least 4 of them will be true, if…