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This week we talk about some brand new Battle Quest footage, a trailer for the new Twilight Princess Ganondorf figure from First 4 Figures, and a peak at a brand new web series setting Hyrule and our beloved characters in the old West. And much more! Make the jump to view the video!

In this delicious second helping of Zelda news we discuss a Majora’s Mask cake, the infamous “Hey! Listen!” quote, and a new animation parody of our beloved franchise. And much more! Make the jump to view the video!    

This week’s Zelda news video runs the gambit from handmade Zelda item replicas to amazing Zelda song covers to mysterious Zelda figure teases. And much more! View the video after the jump!    

So many Zelda things to talk about–just like the previous few weeks–they couldn’t all fit into Friday’s video, so here is part two of the “This Week in Zelda News” for this week. In this video we cover two sets of fan-made Zelda shoes, a Hylian semi truck, and a handmade 8 bit wooden Link. And much more! Make the jump to view the video!

Welcome to the weekend, guys! A new week’s end means a new “This Week in Zelda News” video! We talk about everything from Zelda Android Apps to a long awaited Zelda anime (fan made). And much more! Make the jump to view the video!    

So much Zelda news, so little time. Here we have the leftovers from last Friday’s episode, along with a couple piece of Nintendo news as well. In this video we discuss Deku Tree wallets, crocheted Bomb Bags (and bombs!), and Zelda-themed Portal 2 levels. And so much more! Make the jump to view the video!

Three Zelda Easter eggs, and it’s nowhere near easter! This week’s episode covers three said Easter eggs, a father and son playing the original Zelda together, official Zelda polo shirts, and much more! Make the jump to view the video!    

Once again there were so many different bits of Zelda news to round up that it couldn’t all possibly fit into one video without being absurdly long. So after watching this video, keep an eye out in a few days for the second half! In this video, however, we discuss the possibility of a new Zelda Symphony CD, an amazing Zelda box set (fan-made), and a IGN’s poll between a remake of either Majora’s Mask or A Link to the…

We had so much Zelda news to cover in Friday’s video, that half of it was saved for a second video appearing today. In this one we talk about a massive Zelda mural, official Zelda iPhone cases, and Link in Fight Club (and much more)! View the video after the jump!

There were so many interesting bits of Zelda news this week to talk about that to prevent the video from becoming unbearably long, we’ll only go over half of them now and then the other half Sunday night. In this half we cover Nintendo’s debate between motion controls or not for Zelda Wii U, a Majora’s Mask or a Link to the Past remake, and some more Zelda tattoos (including those of yours truly). View the video after the jump!