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As is natural with a new game, a glitch has been found in Hyrule Warriors by Tumblr user presidentlaghosta. This glitch features Princess Zelda singing her lullaby while she uses Lana’s summoning gate. The link to the video can be found post-jump!

Zelda U’s release date was mentioned first by Eiji Aonuma, producer, during a Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014. Most fans however have probably decided that the chances of there being truth behind that are slim, considering Nintendo’s track record on keeping with their announced releases. But, this is certainly not the case! Find out more after the jump!

Although the second wave of Amiibo figures will hit the stores in December, pre-ordering the figures have already opened! You can now pre-order though several retailers online through Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop! Find the links after the jump!

With another new day, another video of gameplay for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC hits YouTube. This time, it features Link and his noble steed, Epona! The pair are seen fighting their way through Hyrule Field, and the attacks are quite impressive for a horse. Check out how her moves work after the jump!