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With Majora’s Mask being remade for the 3DS, there’s no telling what adjustments and changes will be made. But what about additions? Perhaps gameplay-extending additions, like sidequests? They’d certainly be a lot of fun, but would they add something among the likes of sidequests, and/or new items or weapons to gain from a new sidequest? Hit the jump to read more about the subject!

Majora’s Mask is unquestionably a classic. It was released more than a decade ago on a console that’s now firmly cemented in people’s memories. It was the sequel to one of Nintendo’s greatest success stories, and it has been hailed by the fanbase as one of the greatest titles in its series — praise that’s not unwarranted considering its quality. Considering its age and status, and the fact that it was only the eighth Zelda game ever released in what…

Another day, another talk with Iwata. This new 5th volume of Iwata Asks  may not have much in terms of new info, but hey, a bit of insight never hurt anybody! The  article tells a bit on the streamlining of Skyward Sword, Skyloft’s density, and how sound effects were composed. Hop inside for a summary.