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Nintendo Life interviewed the Hyrule Warriors development team, getting some enticing new information on the upcoming addition to the Zelda family! Make the jump to hear what they said!

When talking about the development cycle for Hyrule Warriors, we’ve known for a while that there were puzzles and dungeon like settings in the initial concept design. What we didn’t know was that it was none other than Shigeru Miyamoto who vetoed the entire concept. Miyamoto isn’t too heavily involved with the series anymore, but when he speaks up you generally are going to listen. Hyrule Warriors was going to be a very different game originally—a Zelda game with Warriors elements, instead of a Warrior game with Zelda elements…

Shigeru Miyamoto needs no introduction to Zelda fans. The man not only created the series we all enjoy to this day, he is often considered one of the godfathers of modern video games. More than anyone else in the entire company, Miyamoto embodies who Nintendo is. He is also a member of the board, so his thoughts on what Nintendo can and can’t do carry a lot of weight both with the fans and within the company itself. As such, his most recent remarks seem to suggest that games such as The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, or even Metroid are the sorts of games Nintendo will be focusing on in the future…

Just another reminder that Koei Tecmo is having a livestream event tonight at 1 AM EST (12 AM CST, 10 PM PST) to celebrate the completion of Hyrule Warriors. Check out the event page here and tune in!

The show will be broadcast over at the popular Japanese video website NicoNico. You will need an account to view the broadcast, and you can sign up for one right here. The registration process is in English. As soon as you sign up, you can head on back to view the stream, or if you’re already logged in that works too. Check inside for more information.

Did the NicoNico stream a few days ago whet your appetite for more information for Hyrule Warriors? Looking for another smorgasbord of info regarding the new modes, weapons, and characters? Well, don’t you fear, because there will be another stream on Thursday (7/31), with even more juicy info than before! Not only that, we’ll be getting more guest appearances from some very important people at both Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei! Click after the jump for extra details!

Set your calendars! Koei Tecmo Games is having another livestream event this Thursday at 1 AM EST (12 AM CST, 10 PM PST) in celebration of the game’s completion. The event will be broadcast over at the popular Japanese video website, NicoNico. According to the official Japanese site for Hyrule Warriors, the guest speakers will include Nintendo’s Senior Managing Director Shigeru Miyamoto, and Zelda Series Director Eiji Aonuma. Click on ahead to find out more!

Everyone seems to have a pretty vague concept of what exactly open world means, especially for a Zelda game. While it may be true to an extent, Nintendo has their own ideas of what it means, and Miyamoto seems to feel like Nintendo was reluctant to use the term to begin with (even if it is true). Head inside.

Shigeru Miyamoto may no longer be the go-to man behind the Zelda series, but he is still consulted and asked for his opinion time to time. That, and he’s Shigeru Miyamoto—he pretty much knows everything going on at Nintendo, from games to hardware to board meetings. Due to Iwata’s illness, which kept him out of the recent shareholder meeting, Miyamoto had a larger than usual presence. Through that presence, he all but announced Nintendo is currently working on a new Zelda game for the 3DS. At least, formulating the ideas behind the game if nothing else. Head inside.

The 74th Annual general meeting of the shareholders was recently posted on the Official Nintendo of Japan site which includes many questions and answers about several upcoming titles and a few hints of what they have coming down the road. Among them are a few more mentions of the upcoming Legend of Zelda WiiU from series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. He does not want to reveal any more than what was said at E3 but he does go into greater detail…

Nintendo’s Iwata Asks are a series of interviews where Satoru Iwata discusses games and events with the Nintendo employees involved, and they are a goldmine of information about the inner workings of the company. In one such interview, it is revealed just how close A Link Between Worlds came to being completely scrapped. Head inside to see the trials this game went through to get onto your 3DS.