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SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are at it again! Next week will mark the beginning of another of SDA and SRL’s charity speedrunning marathons, featuring the best speedrunners on the web. Of course, the Zelda runs are rampant, and are sure to cool sight to see. There are going to be cool prizes, and loads of fun donation incentives, so make sure to think about donating, in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation! Check out the Zelda game schedule after the jump!

It’s that time of year again! It’s sweltering hot, the sun is shining, and the outdoors is ready for playing in! Time to leave that until later, and sit inside to watch some awesome speed runs. Summer Games Done Quick, SpeedDemosArchive‘s week-long speedrun marathon, raising money for charity, is starting in July, and Zelda games are on the list of games to be broken, glitched and exploited. Get ready for all the wrong warps, super swims and early items under…

If you live in the Northeastern part of the United States and haven’t had a chance to see the Symphony of the Goddess tour, you’ll be excited by the dates that have been recently added to the schedule. Hopefully this news will finally ease some of your worries that the symphony wouldn’t be coming to city near you. If you wish to see the full list please hit the jump below!  

The Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses tour has recently updated the schedule on their main site adding several more dates and locations to the list. You can buy the tickets to each of the new locations right from the main site. So far the only sold out venue is Atlanta leaving the rest perfectly available. Jump inside to see the list of new dates.