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Back in January of 2012, a rumor went around concerning the upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS, which was, at the time, yet to be announced as A Link Between Worlds. The rumor was that not one but two Zelda games were in development for Nintendo 3DS. At the time, English titles had not been given, but the Japanese working titles were The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy and The Legend of Zelda: Ice Prophecy. However, after the success…

Early this morning, Nintendo streamed another of their increasingly quirky and fun Nintendo Direct videos, and one of the many games that Iwata discussed within it was Sonic Lost World. He revealed that they have been working on two separate DLC packs for the game, each based on a different Nintendo franchise. The first pack, which is available right now (for free!) on the eShop, is based on the Yoshi’s Island franchise. But what Nintendo franchise will the second pack be based on? Iwata chose not to come right out and tell us, but he did hint strongly (and I mean really strongly. Like, he might as well have just said it) that it will be none other than the Zelda series.

What was the hint (or hints)? Head past the jump to find out!

UPDATE: VG 24/7 mistakenly reported the release of Zelda U. The financial report, which can now found here, lists A Link Between Worlds as “early 2014,” in Japan, while it lists Zelda U as “TBD.” So it looks like we still don’t know much about the release date for Zelda U, but it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully Iwata will have news for us soon.

Original Article:

According to a report made today by VG 24/7, the as-of-yet unannounced original Zelda title for Wii U is scheduled for release in “early 2014.” The report references “Nintendo’s financials for the three months ending June 30” as their source, but they have left no link to verify their information.

It seems incredibly strange that Nintendo would just suddenly make this announcement out of the blue in a financial report, though it’s possible—albeit quite unlikely—that this may be a mistake. We have however, heard great progress reports, so a 2014 launch isn’t too out of the ordinary. It seems a little sudden, especially considering that part of the reason The Wind Waker HD is being released is to make the wait for Zelda U easier, but at the same time, the inner Zelda fan in me just wants this to be true so badly! Either way, don’t take this as a certain fact until we can get more definite verification.

News on Zelda U is dry and barren, with Aonuma only dropping off certain tidbits of information that reveal next-to-nothing about the upcoming title, but rumors have surfaced online suggesting what the next main-title entry could hold for us. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s view the provided information as a “what if” instead of a “it might happen” scenario because the following information reeks of fake. But it’s always fun to wonder what could happen.

The information comes from 2ch, reposted on Gamefaqs and Blogocio, and, to make matters worse, the thread was deleted within an hour of being posted — so what’s listed is either completely fake, or holds some truth. Some of the suggested items are what many would expect to see and sound like something Aonuma would do, but remember, this is the internet.

So get your skeptical fan hats on and jump inside, because it sure is a doozy of rumors!

It’s fast approaching the first anniversary of the Wii U’s release and it seems as though there haven’t really been that many bundles to entice you with an awesome game upon purchase. The only bundle I’ve seen is the ZombieU one but that didn’t exactly make we want to rush out and buy one. There are probably a few others which I haven’t seen but I doubt any of them would be great. However, a rumor has recently surfaced of…

The other day we posted about some Nintendo based E3 rumors over at Gamnesia that alluded to a lot of interesting details, with one of the big red flags being the hint at a Dragon Ball character arriving in Smash. The same person who uttered those rumors is back for some more, spewing more details on supposed things we will find out about at E3. It’s is very important to remember that these rumors are likely false, so don’t get “too” excited when you read them. That being said, here is the mention for Zelda U at E3:

  • New Legend of Zelda is said to feature a return for past races like the Gorons, Zoras plus new additional species to encounter.
  • The game is also venturing into more “RPG-like” territory without “going full out RPG”, like Skyward Sword.

Those are “somewhat” safe assumptions, but far from guaranteed. That being said, head inside to see the rest of the supposed rumors as it relates to Nintendo at E3.

[additional content contributed by Bastian] Ever since the release of Ocarina of Time 3D fans have been hungry for the immediate sequel Majora’s Mask. Well a Spanish retailer has quietly added in a possible hint that Majora’s Mask 3D might be coming soon. First of all, take a deep breath. Remember, this is just a rumor (and a highly unlikely one at that). But the simple fact that there is a Nintendo Direct devoted to 3DS games tomorrow give us…

Zelda Informer recently published a rumor on their site regarding the oft-hoped for 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask. They claim that Nintendo of America allegedly tweeted that a very familiar game will be announced for the Nintendo 3DS on the infamous 21st of December. We all know that this date marks the end of the Mayan calendar and that delusional doomsday theorists predict the world will somehow face a terrible fate. Zelda Informer (referring to themselves as “Rumor Informer” due…

[News post contributed by Andrew P.] With E3 swiftly approaching, all kinds of Nintendo rumors have been popping up. One such rumor involves our beloved franchise getting an HD collection released for the Wii U. For those unfamiliar with HD collections, they often take an older game from a previous generation and remaster it to 720p HD standards with better frame rates, smoother animation, and widescreen display. It’s been rumored that Nintendo might do this with a few Zelda games…

A recent rumor popped up over at 4chan and was featured over at ScrewAttack.com. The rumor cites the potential of two new Legend of Zelda titles for the Nintendo 3DS, much like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. The thumbnail image you see to the left is the logo that was posted over at 4chan and you can see a larger version of the image after the jump. The text underneath the images translates to Fire Prophecy and Ice…