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While we don’t generally support anyone playing ROMs, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn some interesting information from dissecting the game’s code further. In this case it appears we have confirmation that there is (or was) DLC planned to be inserted into Super Smash Bros. for 3DS… in the way of stages. While there are no hints at what these stages could be, it does mean the door is wide open on the possibilities. It should be noted that this information has not be fully verified, and naturally nothing is official until Nintendo says it is. Even if it was planned at…

Update: It appears there may be some photoshop action going on with the staff badge, thus this rumor is more than likely fake.

Honestly, I love rumors; if for nothing else they get us talking about a future that is unknown. That being said, I have been sitting on these details since the end of July because I wasn’t sure enough really post them. People make claims they are from Nintendo in almost every single rumor out there. I mean, would a Nintendo Employee really…

Recently, a rumor has surfaced that Nintendo may be working on some sort of remaster to be released in 2015, which could very easily be a Zelda title. The rumor has come from Twitter, and just may have some weight behind it. Click the jump for more information!

The same Twitter user who predicted Pok√©mon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Devil’s Third, recently tweeted that someone let him in on a crazy secret. According to Nico of Any Arts Studio, Nintendo will be releasing a remastered title to fill the gaps…

An image off Twitter has brought up some interesting rumors about Hyrule Warriors. The Nintendo eShop had a label talking about some optional content that we are probably going to get in DLCs in the future! Check out the tweet after the jump.

Just a couple weeks ago, Sakurai’s “Pic of the Day” on Miiverse featured a surprisingly detailed trophy of Ubisoft’s iconic character, Rayman. This was the day that Sakurai promised to reveal a new character, so many put two and two together—and were tricked by Sakurai, who confirmed Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon instead. Talk about Rayman as a playable character has died down since, but a recent remark by a Nintendo of Canada executive suggests that now might be the time to reopen that discussion. Head inside for details.

With just over two weeks until the Japanese release, rumors are adding to the deluge of information we’ve been getting about the upcoming game. While we were safely assuming that Hyrule Warriors would carry the common $60 Wii U game price tag, some recent listings by European retailers suggest the game’s suggested retail price may be somewhat lower. Head inside for the details!

While this is a rumor, it does come from a fairly reliable retail source at GameStop who spoke with the folks over at MyNintendoNews. According to the source, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be releasing on November 21st along with a bundle that includes one Amiibo Figure. We aren’t sure if every copy of Smash will have the figure or of it’s a separate special edition bundle ordeal. It could also very well be a pre-order bonus that might be exclusive to GameStop. Head inside for more.

For those who don’t know, we posted a bit of an odd rumor a few days ago referencing the potential name of Zelda U. Obviously, there is a high

chance that the information and image associated with the original

rumor are completely fake, but what we were handed today takes the cake.

An image has “leaked” that supposedly proves that the name “Shard of Nightmare” is real. You can see that image to the left, but if you want a full size, head on in.

This rumor is arguably one of the most interesting ones I have seen for any pre-E3 hype to date. Rumors run rampant all the time, but the nature of this one is slightly different. One of our Senior Community Moderators on the Zelda Informer Forums has a friend who sent him the 1st Party Press Conference official E3 2014 listing manifesto, which includes what is being shown in the press conferences and what will be playable on the show floor.

There is a lot of interesting stuff, but the biggest ones that pertain to us would be the supposed name of Zelda U: The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare. The fact it will be playable on the show floor is a huge bonus. What could this mean? Head inside.