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OscarJoyo created a wonderful piece of art commemorating the late great Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule. Robin Williams was a huge Zelda fan and there has even been a petition to have him appear in a future Zelda title. Now he can be seen the way he was intended, as a king.

There are bound to many tributes to the late Robin Williams over the next several months, but nothing will come closer to touching our hearts than how the Zelda community pays respect. Today we have an amazing piece of art that makes Robin Williams the literal King of Hyrule. It’s so fitting given how he was the King of our childhoods…

For those who haven’t been on the internet or watching any sort of news channel of late, Robin Williams has died from an apparent suicide. Many were saddened by his death and were wondering how we could possibly memorialize him and make him a permanent fixture of something he loved. Fans put together a petition for Nintendo to create a character and name it after Robin Williams in a future Zelda games. That petition at the time of this writing has 101,788 supporters. Polygon decided to ask Nintendo if they were going to listen to the fanbase on this, and surprisingly Nintendo responded…

Recently, we’ve covered the petition to name an NPC in a future Zelda game after Robin Williams. The petition has gained significant momentum and as of this writing, is nearing 100,000 signatures. Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that they are aware of the petition and issued a response to Polygon concerning the matter. Hit the jump to find out what they had to say!

Robin Williams was truly an amazing man. One could say he was the incarnation of laughter. But let’s not forget that Robin was also a true gamer at heart, with a deep love for the Legend of Zelda series. It’s only natural for people to want to immortalize him in our beloved franchise. Thus, a petition has been started to get Robin’s name in Zelda U in some way or another. To know more of the details, follow the jump.

It is a truly sad day in the world. Beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams has passed away at the age of 63. The Zelda series has lost one of it’s oldest, most beloved fans, and he will truly be missed. To hear more on the story, please follow the jump.

Back in November of 2011, the folks over at Smosh released a Legend of Zelda parody rap video. The video has been a huge success and is one of the most viewed Legend of Zelda clips ever on YouTube having garnered over 25 million views. In a recent interview with Robin and Zelda Williams, the two watch the rap video and give their reaction. Turns out Zelda Williams is such a Zelda fan that she actually already saw the video…

Go Nintendo just posted this commercial. The only drawback is that it has subtitles. But the good thing for our English speaking fans is the audio is in English!

Actor Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda, named after the Princess, now star in a second commercial for Ocarina of Time 3D. Using Robin Williams’ voice for an exciting narrative, this commercial (seen below) focuses more on gameplay footage and footage of Zelda playing the 3DS than the previous one, which you can see here.

A new Ocarina of Time commercial was posted today on YouTube featuring comedian/actor Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda (named after the fair princess of Hyrule). UPDATE: After the jump you will find a short interview featuring the father and daughter discussing how Zelda Williams came to be named after the video game character.