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Super Smash Bros. on 3DS was just released, and people are already giving their personal reviews all across the board. One thing that many players are looking down on is the fact that Zelda and Shiek, as well as Samus and Zeros Suit Samus, are separate fighters, unlike their previous joined iterations. Masahiro Sakurai recently gave a quote on why this is the case. Check out the quote after the jump!

Tales of Xillia 2, a Japanese RPG that was very recently released in North America, has apparently been blessed with it’s own little Zelda reference. It is nothing huge, but it is certainly a pleasure to see a Zelda Easter egg in any new game. Check out a screenshot after the jump!

Takashi Iizuka, producer of Sonic Lost World and the mind behind its Zelda crossover DLC, recently had an interview with 4Gamer, where he claimed that he does not want to leave the Legend of Zelda Zone as a standalone level, and would like to make more. Hit the jump to check out the quote.

In every series there are running jokes, gags and phrases that pop up every now and then. From Homer’s “doh” in The Simpsons to  Sheldon’s *knock, knock, knock* “Penny” in The Big Bang Theory, certain things become synonymous with the franchise and games are no exception. With a series as long running as The Legend of Zelda it’s only natural that it would pick up a few, too. Some Zelda games have references to other franchises, like bob-ombs and chain…

Most people who have graduated from high school have been in one of these – a yearbook, where graduating students have a small profile as a record of their school years, with a photo and some information about themselves. These often include a quote, maybe from a favorite author or a lyric from a song that will remind them of their school career. See what this Zelda fan included in her yearbook after the jump!