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The rarest Zelda merchandise

December 11 2013 by Jen

Over the course of 27 years, the Zelda series has produced many products. There is an entire ocean of Zelda action figures, plushies, statues, pins, cards, Ect. Some Zelda merchandise are more worth wild and rare than others, but the rare items are the most unique and scarce. Jump in to read more!

Majora’s Mask is often misconstrued as a dark horse of the Zelda franchise. However it is labeled — “underrated, misunderstood,” etc. — most of these comments simply point toward the misconception that Majora’s Mask isn’t appreciated enough. It came out at the end of a console’s life, after the “wow” factor faded away. Many of the reviews for the game weren’t as positive as those for Ocarina of Time, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for arbitrary reasons. Likewise, many…