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Queen Gohma artwork

December 08 2013 by Jen

Queen Gohma is a famous Zelda boss. Her first main appearance in Ocarina of Time led to a similar boss in Twilight Princess called Armoghoma. Even though Queen Gohma is an enemy, that doesn’t stop people from creating fantastic pieces of artwork inspired by her! Jump in to read more!

Cosplayer and Deviantart member Amouranth recently posted several pics of their detailed Link costume riding on a real horse imitating Epona. Each image portrays Twilight Princess Link and Epona in full detail. No element was overlooked in the creation of the costume which includes not only the familiar tunic and hat but also many other accessories such as the armbands, horse call whistle, gale boomerang, and chainmail shirt. Jump inside to check out some more pics.