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Notable game-based record company Scarlet Moon Records will soon be releasing their newest album, Prescription For Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II, a sequel to their popular album released about a year ago of the same name. There will be several remixed versions of the relaxing tunes from many classic games, including Majora’s Mask‘s Oath to Order, which we now have a short snippet of! Hit the jump for the music preview, as well as some bits from the album’s…

In the last two weeks famous acapella singer and YouTube personality Smooth McGroove has done three covers of Majora’s Mask songs. McGroove is no stranger to Zelda acapella covers; twenty six of his covers are Zelda related, a dozen of those covers have one million views, and his Palace Theme cover is well on its way to joining those ranks. Additionally, McGroove has covered many Majora’s Mask songs in the past, including the Song of Healing, Stone Tower Temple, Astral…

Oath to Order remix

November 16 2013 by Maanav Goyal

Ben Briggs, a music artist, has recently uploaded a remix of Oath to Order from Majora’s Mask, on SoundCloud. He has designed the song to have a “Ben Drowned” tone to it, creating a eerie yet lively remix of the already very eerie song. The song is currently not out for download, but you can still listen it here, and on SoundCloud. So go ahead and hit the jump to hear the song for yourself!

Over the course of a few days in December, YouTuber jam2995, or Jake, uploaded a four part EP which covered the end of Majora’s Mask on guitar. Though short, all of the pieces are done very well, and it’s evident that Jake put a lot of time into the EP. Can you guess which Majora’s Mask tunes are included in the selection? I’ll give you a hint: two are ocarina melodies. Hit the jump for a listen!