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Our sister site, GenGAME, has managed to find a smaller feature on IGN, some footage of the time attack mode in Battle Quest. As many of you have probably seen from our post when Battle Quest was featured during E3, we got a look at what could be considered the “normal mode” of the Nintendo Land mini-game. Now though we get a first look at the time attack mode, as any self respecting mini-game should have. Hit the jump for the clip!

Ever since Nintendo’s big Wii U information reveal a couple weeks ago, the folks at our sister site GenGAME have been hard at work covering every aspect of what there is to know about Nintendo’s upcoming console. Recently, they have been taking closer looks at all the games available on the launch title Nintendo Land, and it seems that Battle Quest is not the only one that will appeal to Zelda fans. Take the jump to see what they have…

In case you’d rather listen to a very tired and sleep-deprived Bastian give you all the details about the Wii U reveal from yesterday’s Nintendo presentations, we’ve got you covered over on our YouTube channel! Also, all of the new bits of information about Battle Quest revealed in the European presentation. Make the jump to watch the video and learn all the new game announcements, bundle details, and more!

As many of you likely know, Nintendo held their Wii U Preview press conference this morning, and unveiled loads of new info on the Wii U. Most importantly, we now know the release date and price for Nintendo’s newest console and, on a more Zelda note, the game-within-a-game Battle Quest. Make the jump for details!

While Nintendo of America did not touch on Battle Quest much in their special Wii U presentation today, Nintendo of Europe did spend a little bit of time on the Zelda-related “attraction” within Nintendo Land and even gave us a few new details! Also, a trailer for all of Nintendo Land was released, showcasing Battle Quest for just a brief moment. Jump in to learn the new details and watch that trailer!

This week’s episode is a post-E3 wrap-up of everything we learned (and didn’t learn) about future Zelda from Nintendo’s four presentations this past week. And also some wonderful fan-made videos! View the video after the jump!