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One thing that’s usually accounted for in a game is its soundtrack. Depending on its quality, that may improve thoughts/opinions of the title. It’s a huge part of the game, and will hardly go unnoticed. There are some that are good, and some that are bad- it all depends on the effort given and the composer in-charge. The Legend of Zelda has had quite a few games, and their soundtracks are pretty hard to overlook. That’s why I’m going to talk about…

Do you remember heading west through a corridor in the Shadow Temple, only to be shut inside the room at the other end, becoming trapped? Do you remember the dark, ominous composition that played in the background as you tried to navigate your way through the Shadow Temple’s sick and twisted halls? I’m sure you do…

The reviews are finally in and Majora’s Mask 3D has not met with a terrible fate! Though the game releases next Friday in most countries, critics were able to get their hands on advanced copies and they were not disappointed, well most weren’t. Metacritic compiled a list of the reviews done thus far, and out of more than thirty reviews only eight gave the game a rating of less than 90 out of 100. Some of the most reputable review…

A video comparing the intros of Majora’s Mask on the N64 and Majora’s Mask 3D has been uploaded to Youtube by user Master0fHyrule. The video shows scenes from the title sequences and the games’ introductions– taking us around Clock Town and then into the Forest for that fateful altercation with Skull Kid. The graphics are greatly improved, and few things have been drastically altered. You can judge for yourself whether the 3D intro imparts the same tone as the original….

Finally, after adding digital titles unavailable on the Wii, syncing 3DS and Wii U accounts for using points to buy games and many technological changes and improvements to Nintendo’s hardware, the company has announced that it will be releasing digital versions of Nintendo 64 titles onto the Wii U eShop. Hit the jump to see more!

It is always interesting hearing someone else’s opinion of a game as views and experiences can vary greatly from player to player. Majora’s Mask divided fans of the series especially with how different it was compared to its predecessor, Ocarina of Time. YouTube channel 60 Second Gaming has recently released a video detailing their thoughts on the game. Take the jump to see what they thought of it!

Not too long ago we featured a few videos of The Legend of Zelda being played in first-person on the Oculus Rift virtual reality visor. Now, Ocarina of Time has received the same treatment. A YouTuber named Chadtronic has made a proof-of-concept video for travelling around Kokiri Forest in first-person. Watch the video after the jump!

A new warping glitch in Majora’s Mask has been found by a YouTuber named Indextic. The glitch essentially allows players to warp to any owl statue without having to activate any of them. It is rather simple to execute, and while different versions will have to be tested for whether the glitch works on them, it could prove very helpful in the already extremely detailed speedruns of Majora’s Mask. Hit the jump to see the glitch in action.

There are many deep, philosophical questions that we humans must consider in our lifetimes, but one of the most pressing questions for a Zelda fan seems to be whether or not Ocarina of Time was really that great? Or is the memory of Ocarina of Time tainted by nostalgia from a generation of gamers that refuse to analyze the game fairly? Hit the jump to hear me out!

After discussing nearly every other game in the franchise, we finally reach this legendary title, thanks to a request from ZD reader “Link and Zelda.” Ocarina of Time is commonly considered to be not only the best game in the series, but the best video game of all time, period. That’s a bold statement to make, but the N64 title surpassed expectations at the time and its revolutionary gameplay and design contributed to the advancement of the video game industry….