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A few days back, the Xbox Facebook page—presumably due to Xbox Live’s ability to view the program—posted a reminder that a “roast” of actor James Franco was going to be airing on Comedy Central, and for whatever reason they saw fit to mention Franco’s apparent love for the Legend of Zelda franchise. According to the page, “James Franco once said that The Legend of Zelda helped him get through some ‘difficult times.’

As many happily surprised commentors pointed out, it’s a little odd to see an Xbox page posting positive remarks about a competitor’s franchise. It’s possible that Microsoft was looking for a bit of approval from Nintendo and Zelda fans, but even that might even be reading too much into it. If I had to guess, I’d say that Microsoft just wants to entice their fanbase to watch the Franco roast by relating it to video games, plain-and-simple.

Though, as one insightful commentor conjectures, perhaps the entire scenario is just a sneaky way for Valve to announce Half-Life 3. What do you think the intentions behind this Facebook post were?

Head past the jump to see the a snapshot of the original Facebook post.

Apparently even Microsoft can appreciate the impact The Legend of Zelda has had on gamers, even though it isn’t one of their franchises. The official Xbox Facebook page has been caught mentioning Nintendo’s popular fantasy adventure series in a recent post, and -believe it or not- the reference wasn’t meant as a snub. Could this be an example of a major game company showing a token of goodwill to it’s competition? Find out after the jump.