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ZD Top 5 – Merch

September 24 2015 by Aaron Suduiko

Do you have a favorite piece of Zelda-themed merchandise? Any particular way you most love to show off your appreciation of the series? This week, we asked our staffers which pieces of Zelda memorabilia were their favorites.  Check out their responses below! As always, feel free to leave your own opinions and Top 5’s in the comments section.  

Possibly following up on the Skyward Sword metal keychain set released in 2012, news of a similar set of merchandise for A Link Between Worlds has surfaced, albeit with very little information accompanying it. Much like when the Skyward Sword set was announced, we do not yet have actual pictures of the keychains themselves, but instead rather sketchy representations of the designs the keychains will eventually be made in. Hit the jump to find out more.