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The Main Theme Revamped

April 22 2014 by Devon

If you have ever played a Zelda game than you are familiar with the famous main theme that is in almost every title, but have you seen it performed by one person and multiple instruments? Well YouTube user Rusty Cage has found a way to play our iconic them with only a piano, guitar, ukulele, melodica, tambourine, and egg shaker. Hit the jump to see more.

Do you know how to say “copyright infringement” in Hindi? The folks behind an Indian TV series caught using Zelda music might be able to tell you. In at least one episode of the Hindi language soap opera Jeevan Saathi–Humsafar Zindagi Ke, the main theme of Nintendo’s popular adventure series crops up rather regularly. Could this be an affectionate allusion to the beloved Zelda series, or just the mischief of a cheap TV crew? Hit the jump for more!

Between Canada Day and Independence Day, this has been quite the patriotic week for North Americans. When thinking about what song I should feature today, I was trying to come up with a way to tie in this week’s holidays to the feature. A few ideas came to mind, but none really worked right… until I thought of national anthems. Canadians have “Oh, Canada.” Americans have “The Star Spangled Banner.” These songs are so reminiscent of their countries, you can…

In celebration of the announcement of the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, I thought we’d take a look at the Zelda themes from the past games. Mega Man and the Wii Fit Girl are new to the party, but Link and Zelda will always have a large spot in the Super Smash Bros series. The new game will hopefully feature some great new takes on classic themes. Hit the jump to take a look at what…

We don’t usually tend to find many song covers from Skyward Sword yet this rock cover of the game’s “Main Theme” is a stunner. This cover composed by YouTube user LennartAlsing showcases him playing a Kramer Focus 3000 guitar to perfection with his strumming and chord changing an unbelievable talent! You can take a listen to this rocking cover of Skyward Sword’s “Main Theme” after the jump!

Youtube member TwilightWakerofTime has recently posted a video of her playing the main theme of Skyward Sword on the harp. The theme is short but very well made. In her description she mentioned that she really wanted to learn and play this on the harp since there are no other harp versions of this song available so far.