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The latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu is out in Japan and it is full of new Zelda related goodness. We have just shared with you some scans and bits of new information on Tri Force Heroes and now we have some more news about Hyrule Warriors Legends to share too! We have already shared with you about a few details that were leaked early pertaining to Toon Link being added to the game, and Helmaroc King being there as well….

Just recently, Japanese video game magazine Famitsu released several new scans of The Wind Waker HD, revealing some new details and another look at other characters including Medli, Prince Komali, Ganondorf, Zelda and more! With only a handful of new screens, few indicate that playing songs on the Wind Waker require the Wii U GamePad. Though the text is written is in Japanese, some scans illustrate some interesting implications. Hit the jump to take  a look!

Today I’ve gone ahead and updated our Nintendo Power Archive collection adding two new magazines with all the Zelda references that there are. We now have the first 8 issues available in our Zelda Publications area of the site. The first 8 issues of Nintendo Power each had some Zelda references with at least 7 of them having specific material dedicated to the games in the form of secrets revealed, strategy guides, a comic strip, etc… If you’re an old…