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Each week, the staff here at Zelda Dungeon share with you our favorite five things from the Zelda franchise, ranging from dungeons, to characters, to bottled items, to even the Top 5 things we want to see from future Zelda titles. But this week we decided to turn it upside down and share with you a Top 5, but not the best, no this week the staff shares with you their thoughts on the Worst Woods found throughout the series….

Recently I found a cover of my favorite song in the Zelda franchise, uploaded by YouTuber ed mz and it is possibly one of the best solo covers I have ever heard for the iconic Lost Woods theme. Just what makes this cover so great? It’s the toe-tapping beat in the background combined with the creative styling of the violin to create something fresh and new…

The Zelda-loving jazz quartet known as the Consouls has taken yet another Zelda tune and made it their own. This time, they’ve performed their own version of the Lost Woods theme, which is also known as Saria’s Song

There are many Zelda fans out there replaying and recreating many of the memorable songs from the series. YouTuber iPlay video game music has recently posted his latest piece, the theme from the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

I imagine you are familiar with Smooth McGroove. He is internet-famous for doing one-person a capellas of famous video game music pieces. Some of his previous works include a rendition of the Kirby: Super Star’s Gourmet Race theme, the Tetris Theme, and F-Zero‘s Mute City theme. However, his most recent song is particularly near and dear to many a Zelda fans’ hearts: the Lost Woods theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. And, if I may say, it is particularly well-done. Do you like this song as much as I do? If it isn’t apparent, I really like this song.

Another day another few videos that show of A Link Between Worlds footage! So far we’ve mostly seen places that have already appeared in A Link to the Past, so it’s been exciting to see the modern reimagining of the old areas, but now we definitely have something new! Warning, this gameplay is a bit deeper into spoiler territory, but if you want, hit the jump to see some more of A Link Between Worlds!

This week on Windmill Hut we have a fantastic remix of Saria’s Song/Lost Woods Theme. Now, this remix isn’t quite as intense as some of the Overclocked Remix pieces are, but the smoothness and comforting mood make for a wonderful remix of an under-appreciated tune. In addition to reserving the original, simple tune from Ocarina of Time, this remix plays with the ocarina sound, and takes Saria’s Song in places she only wishes could have been incorporated into the game. Hit the…

Anyone who has played Ocarina of Time can probably hum the iconic theme for the Lost Woods off the top of their head. But how many people out their have seen it performed in a real life forest? Even if you have, chances are it wasn’t being played on an accordion by a bearded man riding a unicycle. Well now you finally get to witness that sight, courtesy of the internet.

I think New Hyrule on the Adult Timeline would be the ideal setting for the next major Zelda release on home console. This is a sentiment I’ve expressed before on the Curiosity Shop, but I haven’t gone in-detail about it before now. New Hyrule is the land settled by Link and Tetra after The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, featured as the main setting of Spirit Tracks. I think there’s plenty of potential for this setting in another game. Before…

One of my favorite pianists and musicians for Zelda music is Kyle Landry because of his unique takes on a huge variety of Zelda tunes, all adapted for the piano. Recently Kyle Landry uploaded a video of him playing the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina of Time, except after playing through the original theme for the first thirty seconds, he goes into variations. Some parts are slow, some parts are fast, but they’re all a litte more dramatic than the original….