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On Etsy shop NintendorkCorner is selling sets of three customized Toon Link amiibo in the style of Tri Force Heroes. Green Link is in the Tingle costume, Red Link is in the Goron costume and Blue Link is in the Big Bomb costume. The three figures look nice, with the Tingle outfit looking the best in my opinion. For $30.00 plus shipping it is quite a tempting offer,but whether it is worth it or not is up to you.  …

Nintendo has recently posted their third quarter financial results, and among their sales charts fans managed to find an interesting bit of information. Of the Amiibo released so far, Link is the highest selling in three out the four regions! And Link is still one of the top three best sellers in Australia– making Link the most successful Amiibo worldwide. Hit the jump to see the numbers for yourself.

Nintendo’s new Amiibo figures become available on November 21st, 2014. To support the launch, Nintendo has put up an official Amiibo website with gameplay trailers, the lineups of available (and upcoming) characters, and of course links to buy them. Check out the highlights after the jump!

If there was any doubt that Amiibo would become something big, here’s proof that an impact has been made. Less than a few hours after Amiibo was announced for preorder on Amazon, it has jumped to Amazon’s best selling list, with Link at No. 3. To see more, follow the jump.

Since Nintendo’s showcase at E3 held back in June, Smash Bros. and Zelda fans alike have been teased with Nintendo’s latest accessory, Amiibos, in the form of interactive figurines. Link being no exception among other Nintendo characters, have just recently been made available for pre-order by retailers at GameStop and Amazon for a reasonable price of $12.99 USD. Hit the jump for more information!