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Just in case the announcement of Sheik made you forget that there was another capable member of the Sheikah among the ranks of Hyrule Warriors’ playable characters, Nintendo has released a gorgeous HD version of the trailer from the official Japanese website through their YouTube channel in English. Take a look inside as the fearsome Hyrulean Captain demonstrates her fiery fury.

Tecmo Koei is ending the week on a high note, as we have yet another Hyrule Warriors trailer to take a peek at before the weekend hits. This one focuses on Impa and a new weapon, the naginata! Hit the jump to see it in action!

Hyrule Warriors news is in abundance this month, and with each update it looks like the game is certainly shaping up to be unique and interesting. Returning to the Hyrule Warriors character spotlight is Impa, the Hyrulean Captain, here to demonstrate the powers of her second in-game weapon: the naginata. Are you ready for this? The video awaits you inside.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’re well aware that a boatload of information about Hyrule Warriors has come out in the past week. Between character announcements, trailers, and gameplay, we’ve learned so much about the game launching in just a few short weeks in Japan. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a number of new screenshots for you to enjoy! Click the jump to check them out!

Yesterday Nintendo released several new English trailers for Hyrule Warriors that show off the play styles for Link, Zelda, Impa, and Lana. There are actually two for Link: one in which he uses a hylian sword and another in which he uses the Magic Rod. Click through to watch all five trailers!

Impa fans rejoice! Tecmo Koei seems determined to keep pumping out information concerning Hyrule Warriors, as they have released another new character trailer Tuesday morning highlighting everyone’s favorite nursemaid/bodyguard, Impa! Hit the jump to see just how much damage you’ll wreak with her!

Nintendo released a new trailer for the Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors spin-off, Hyrule Warriors, during its online E3 presentation today. Besides confirming two new characters, the footage highlighted the game’s fast-paced action and teased a familiar Zelda villain at the end. Hit the jump for a full in-depth analysis of the trailer, informed with tidbits gleamed from the Nintendo Treehouse live-streaming of a Hyrule Warriors demo.

Hey everyone! It has been a while. Whether you have noticed or not, this editorial series was put on hold briefly for the release of A Link Between Worlds. The game was much more topical compared to fan art, and the hiatus allowed myself and everyone else to focus on the developments and news pouring in, although, ironically I never actually reported on the game during that time. Anyway, as usual, I will just explain Zelda Artist Exposition in case…

Well, my exams are over now, so I’m free to continue writing! Before you read the rest of this editorial, I must warn you, it is going to be similar to Axle the Beast’s recent editorial, but I assure you, I was planning this for a week or two before his editorial was published, and because I couldn’t write it until now, well… yeah. Though, this editorial will be different because I’ll be talking about some other things that I’ve…

Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Impa

February 13 2013 by Hachi

Welcome to another Fanart Spotlight. Todays featured work is a digital painting titled Impa by DeviantART member VegasColors. This piece caught my eye with it’s masterfully selected color palette, as well as it’s use of light. The image overall has a soft feel, the bright glow of the Gate of Time as well as the sunlight creeping into the Temple of Time and flooding the scene. It creates a stark contrasts against Impa’s stoic stance really reflects the characters demeanor…