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LEGO Hylian Shield

March 16 2014 by Maanav Goyal

YouTuber ZaziNombies has recently built a life size Hylian Shield comprised entirely of LEGOs. The shield is based off the Skyward Sword design, but to make it similar to his Minecraft style creations he used a more pixel art look when making it. The shield is made up by a whopping 2000 LEGOs,  is 28 inches long and 2o inches wide, and as ZaziNombies himself predicts, can withstand multiple slashes from a proper metal sword. The best way to see…

What do March 17th and Zelda have in common? Green, green, and more green. Over at redbubble, Rachel Thomas has designed a very festive shirt for this time of year. Taking on the familiar “Kiss Me I’m Irish” phrase and spinning it to appeal to Zelda fans, she has succeeded in creating a very comical and and appropriate shirt. Hit the jump to see more.

Some fans attempt to incorporate their passions into their lives as much as possible. While there are many different varieties, a Zelda fan named Soren has created his own unique Zelda inspired playing cards. Swapping Triforce for spades, arrows for clubs, and rupees for diamonds, this deck becomes quite a special collectible. Hit the jump to view this awesome item.

A Hylian Shield of Wood

December 06 2012 by ralphpotato

Pretty much all of the replica Hylian Shields out there that you can buy are made of wood. Though the actual shield in-game is some sturdy, yet lightweight magical metal, real metal shields are expensive and heavy. However, they’re all painted to hide their organic origins and just looking at the shield, it might as well be metal. But to clefrayearth of deviantART, the the brown wood enhances the look of a replica Hylian Shield, so that’s exactly what he made. Hit…

Instead of obtaining a free Hylian Shield from Kakariko Graveyard, or buying one to help the Hyrule economy, Zelda Dungeon member Saniku decided to create her own, in pillow form! It is perfect for adventures up Death Mountain, reflecting Deku nuts back at Deku Shrubs, and even sleeping! Make the jump and check it out!

Update 3: The last letter has been posted, and you can see it after the jump. The answer is Triforce. Starting Tuesday, Nintendo has been tweeting Zelda-related clues for a secret Hylian message. Each tweet has included an image of a Hylian letter and a hint from Ocarina of Time trivia. I don’t think it’s going to be a password to unlock anything special, but just a fun activity in honor of Ocarina of Time 3DS (they’re including the hash…