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It’s no secret that Zelda games frequently reference their predecessors, and finding these easter eggs is just one aspect that makes adventuring in a Zelda game so rewarding. The latest episode of Pop Fiction, a weekly show about game facts, takes to the Wind Waker to find some hidden references you might not know existed. Take a look at the video after the jump.

According to the European website The Hut, The Wind Waker Wii U is set to be released on October 15th. Although the game is expected to be released in the Autumn, the retailer has it coming out much sooner than expected. This listing seems a bit unlikely for several reasons. Jump inside to find out why we think this is just another case of a retailer jumping the gun.

This glitch shows Link walking on top of an invisible barrier above Skyloft. My brother actually had this happen to him one time while playing the game, but wasn’t able to recreate it. Luckily we have this video to show you what it is like! Jump on in to read what the person who recorded this had to say!