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Recently we have made a few articles for trailers of a fan made animation called Ganondorf’s Dragmire, by RwanLink. The fan made animation would delve into Ganondorf’s childhood and speculates what the reasons behind his actions in Ocarina of Time could be. See part one of the animation after the jump!  

One of my favorite things about the holiday season was my chocolate advent calender – not that I knew that it was called that at the time – and even now, as an adult, sometimes I feel the urge to go out and buy one for myself for no other reason than because it’s enjoyable. There is now a Kickstarter project attempting to market themed advent calendars, starting with Majora’s Mask. Hit the jump to see what this fan cooked up!

Do you want to proudly show how big of a fan you are of The Legend of Zelda series? Are you looking for the perfect shirt to do so? Well, you’re in luck! Teespring has released yet another t-shirt showing the Triforce and the Master Sword with an epic looking text reading out “Linked In”. How does this sound good to you? Jump inside for more!

A replica prop maker named Tobias Lungaard Larson has made some truly impressive models of Majora’s Mask from the Zelda game of the same name. Over the course of eight months, Tobius has created very detailed molds of the mask and has painted one in the original color scheme, and the other in what he calls a “dark” style. Check out the final products after the jump!

Just like with all the fan art and creations that are made on a regular basis there are also many figurines, posters, replicas and other paraphernalia that fans of the series collect. It’s all well and good having a collection on display to show your friends and visitors, but occasionally it’s nice to have something that not only looks good but also has some practical use. Etsy seller ivanapepilina has several packpacks, bags and wallets on sale featuring designs from…

Hello Zelda Dungeon. In today’s second Collection Spotlight, we see that collectors come in all shapes and types. Some collectors gather games, some collect guides, and some collect keychains and posters. Other collectors shy away from merchandise and seek to create their own props and costumes that they can identify as their own. Today’s Collection Spotlight features Nick, who wanted to be a real life Link. This collector shows us that Link can be created by searching autobody shops and…

The people over at Somewhat Awesome Films have announced that they are going to start working on a Zelda short. Known for their quality and visual effects, Somewhat Awesome films tends to take a serious approach to the source material; rather than poking fun at the game or doing a base parody, they seem to try their best to create a short film that conveys the actual mood of the game. More after the jump!

The demonic Majora’s Mask has returned for a second round… in delicious cake form? Cooking blogger and Majora’s Mask fan Cakecrumbs has created a piece of culinary artwork in the likeness of Majora’s eerie vessel. Make the jump to see more!