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Iwata Asks – Lanayru Desert

November 07 2011 by Locke

The fourth installment of the Iwata Asks: Skyward Sword series is up, and this time, following the pattern, they’re talking about Lanayru Desert. The developers responsible for this region describe the inspiration for it, and much of its gameplay and puzzles. Hop inside for a bullet-point summary and video. Obviously, there are spoilers.

General Description: The Gerudo are a race of women that have been known to live in the desert portion of Hyrule. The Gerudo appear as tall, lean and muscular women with red hair who are traditionally portrayed as thieves.  In Ocarina of Time, they have an apparent ranking system: among them are guards, fighters, and a leader. In Majora’s Mask, a different tribe of Gerudo are portrayed with a similar ranking system.  Commonly, the Gerudo women go to Hyrule Castle…