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A man named Ben Purdy has created a strange version of The Legend of Zelda that looks even more ancient than the NES version. You can go to his website, and play the whole game right in your internet browser. Link, rupees, enemies and most other things are just one pixel, and the rather awkward field of view could prove to make things a bit difficult, but it is certainly worth a shot. Check out some screenshots after the jump!

For the past couple of years, video game fans have been creating mock-ups of “demakes”. A demake would be any game that is taken from a console, then remade for an older or inferior console. These mock-ups show us what that could possibly look like. deviantART user BLUEamnesiac has made a mock-up of what a Majora’s Mask demake might look like on Game Boy. Hit the jump to check it out!