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Up this week we have a comic from a place that we haven’t seen in a while, and this time it’s a bit of a crossover between Zelda and Mario. You might be able to guess the Mario game involved, but do you know where the comic comes from? If you think you do, hit the jump to read!

This week on Monday Comic Corner we have something from Corpse Run Comics that I’m not exactly sure what to think about. The, “It’s dangerous to go alone” line that the old man in the cave from the very first Legend of Zelda has become something of a representation of the Zelda series, but this comic takes that line to a very different conclusion. Hit the jump to read the comic!

Fairies in Zelda games are always a bonus, and ever since being able capture them for later use in A Link to the Past, fairies have proven to be a valuable resource in desperate times. However, catching things that move in sporadic patterns right before a difficult boss isn’t always the easiest task. Especially when you’re just waving around a glass bottle, like in Ocarina of Time. And sometimes you give the fairy just a touch. Hit the jump to read the comic!

Sometimes things in video games are backwards. Often they’re intentionally backwards for ironic and comedic effect, and these are usually obvious to the player. Other times, though, situations in games can be backwards by accident, such as this example from Skyward Sword. Alex from Corpse Run Comics seems to do a good job finding these kinds of things in the Zelda series, even if we may have all considered the ideas when we were playing. Hit the jump to read the comic!

This week we have a double feature of Corpse Run‘s fantastic comics. First, an examination of the combination of two items from Skyward Sword. Fi, annoying as always, unfortunately cannot explain to Link why the rules of video games and real life don’t always meet. And second, something all guys can relate to to some extent, even if it doesn’t involve a flying beetle. Hit the jump to read the comics!

Nintendo and their love for mini-games, especially in the Zelda series. There have been mini-games in the franchise since the original Legend of Zelda, if you can call gamboling with a moblin in a cave a mini-game. But as the series has progressed, these small games have become more interesting and in some ways more difficult. But they all seem to share a theme of being absolutely ridiculous. Hit the jump to read this week’s comic from Corpse Run Comics!

Finally, Fi reveals something that is useful to Link. Or, at least something Link is able to exploit. Just because he’s the most courageous hero in all of Hyrule (or Skyloft, as the case may be) doesn’t mean Link is necessarily the most moral. Sometimes he just has to take a break from the adventuring business and try out some other hobbies. So what exactly has Link done this time? And how possibly could Fi have said something actually useful?…

One of my favorite common themes of video game comics is the exploration of “what if it were just a little bit more real?” We all seem to be okay with the existence of made up characters, languages, and lands, and even other, stranger things like how Link can survive blazing heat by wearing a tunic, but the littlest aspects of gameplay just stick out as “wrong” sometimes. This Corpse Run Comics features a perfect example of what happens when you…

Corpse Run Comics always has a great Zelda comic, and this week we have a comic simply titled “Hiiiiya”. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time even once, that word will probably bring back fond memories of the first game to give Link voice characterization. But this comic isn’t a scene from Ocarina of Time, and you’ve probably already figured that out. Do you know what game it’s from? To find out and read the full comic, hit the jump!

Today is a very special day because on this Monday we observe the inauguration of a new Zelda Dungeon feature – Monday Comic Corner! (Especially cheesy, I know. It was Tingle’s idea.) As the title would suggest, this weekly feature will show off some of the comics inspired by the Zelda series. To me, comics are wonderful because they incorporate artwork, text, and a bit of something silly all in one. Zelda comics are particularly special because often they give…