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BrentalFloss, the YouTuber popular for putting lyrics to classic game music, is back with Dave Bulmer to tackle the infamous debate of Ocarina of Time‘s fame. This song reminds us of etiquette when in arguments with Zelda fans on the web, and gives a good message of respecting other people’s opinions and favorites. Check out the video after the jump!

This week on Monday Comic Corner we have a very special feature. Again this comic comes from brentalfloss the comic, except this time the comic is huge. In fact, this may be the longest comic we’ve ever featured on Monday Comic Corner; long enough to span six days worth of posts at brentalfloss’ site. Not only that, but brentalfloss, being the music oriented artist that he is, sung the entire thing in a comical fashion! The song gives a hilarious…

In last week’s comic feature with Brawl in the Family we saw a small crossover between Link and Mario’s world. This week, in a bit of a parody of Wife Swap, brentalfloss the comic explored what would happen if Link traversed the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario jumped around Hyrule. In both cases, the minions of Ganondorf and Bowser lose, but Link and Mario seem content with their tasks. Hit the jump to read the comic!

This week on Windmill Hut, we’re going to listen to something a little different. Hopefully many of you are already familiar with brentalfloss, who makes his career covering famous video game songs with hilarious lyrics. And being a Nintendo kind of guy, he’s covered a few Zelda tunes, including a Zelda II medley. Not all of us appreciate the difficulty of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but hopefully at least this song will make play-throughs a little less painful. Hit…

brentalfloss the comic has existed for quite some time now, and there have been a few Zelda related comics, but this will be the first time we’ve featured one on Monday Comice Corner! This comic features Link, Twilight Princess Zelda, the Dark World, Ganon, and in good brentalfloss fashion, Taco Bell. Can you guess what’ll happen? Hit the jump to find out!

Brentalfloss is an established YouTuber who is well known for taking old video games and putting lyrics to their music. A little over a year ago, Brentalfloss released a video for the original Legend of Zelda and it was such a hit that fans have been craving for a sequel ever since. Well, that day has come as Brentalfloss has created another Zelda music video, conveniently titled What if Zelda II had lyrics. You can watch the video embedded below….