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The best Zelda bosses are easily the ones that can combine the theme of their dungeon’s design with the dungeon’s new item in a creative, combative way. Among all of the greatest encounters Link faces in his many adventures, many boss enemies are not as fondly remembered as others. So while you’ll find plenty of lists out there of the Legend of Zelda series’ best boss fights, let’s take a look a some of the series’ overlooked and underrated boss fights!

Welcome back to another issue of Milk Bar Mornings. To start off Milk Bar Mornings after a short break, we will be looking at the various boss themes from The Wind Waker. The Wind Waker has an amazing pallet of bosses, from giant birds to hundreds of poes, The Wind Waker‘s boss themes are fast, upbeat, and cinematic. Boss music is an important factor in any game, ensuring that each track fully represents the grandness of both the boss, and…

Boss battles have always been a major part of gameplay in the Zelda series; every boss has a completely different feel when you are battling, and some bosses are harder than others. The items used and the strategy behind each boss is unique. A Link Between Worlds is no different, and that is why GameXplain has made a compilation video that shows every boss in A Link Between Worlds and how to beat them. See the video after the jump.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the

most famous, most successful, most influential, and frankly, most awesome

franchises in video game history. The latest entries in the series, such

as Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, are

truly amazing games from beginning to end, but are known notoriously for their

“insulting” difficulty level. Really, ever since Aonuma took over,

the games have been getting easier, both in terms of intellectual difficulty

and actual combat. This isn’t always a bad thing.

While it can get some of the

older fans really pissed, Zelda does have to appeal to a broader

audience, and the new games have been proof of that. However, as most of us

know, there isn’t any fun in an easy game, because if you do everything on the

first try, then where’s the sense of accomplishment? Where’s the triumph in

uniting the Triforce of Courage and killing Ganondorf if you didn’t lose a

single heart in the process? Past harder difficulty levels and a “boss

rush mode” for the hardcore fans, which I don’t think really add anything

to the experience, I think that the new games in the series would benefit from

some truly ridiculously difficult content to keep everybody satisfied.

Find out why after the jump!

I know, I said the rest of these editorials were going to be compilations, and this one sort of is. It will focus on the origins of the Four Giants, the guardian deities of Termina, but I will also briefly explore the bosses of Majora’s Mask, due to their apparent connections with the Four Giants. Hit the jump to read more!

In a series like Zelda, with so many foes of every variety — villains, bosses, and regular enemies — it’s no surprise that not all of them are that well fleshed-out. The vast majority of bosses are never elaborated upon, though even as early as A Link to the Past you had a boss with an actual backstory in Blind. The villains, while they often have plenty of story details to their name, can also tend to be very simplistic…

You had to have seen this coming. Just as they recently did a video on the best bosses from the Zelda series, the folks at ScrewAttack have made a new video where they list what they believe to be the worst bosses in the series. Hit the jump for the video!

An action-oriented game is nothing without good bosses. And the Zelda series has some of the most iconic video game bosses from Ganon to Dodongo. ScrewAttack recently posted a video in which they ranked what they believe to be the top 10 bosses in Zelda history. Hit the jump for the video!

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting experiences when playing any Zelda game for the first time is reaching the boss of a dungeon. In fact, I intentionally avoid looking ahead when new game news surfaces regarding bosses and strategies to defeat them. I like to be completely surprised, and analyze the beast, briefly admire the scope of imagination poured into its creation, and quickly change gears by figuring out how to take the sucker down. However, it is not uncommon…