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About a week ago, the European eShop announced the release of the DLC costume set for Hyrule Warriors. Many fans were wondering when North America would receive this item, and they are now available for purchase for 99 cents each. They are all available for separate purchase and you can buy the Demon King Costume set without having to register for Club Nintendo. Hit the jump to hear more!

The long-awaited game has finally been confirmed, and is now available on Amazon US and UK for early pre-order! Players can purchase this highly-anticipated game for the standard price of 39.99 USD. Click the jump for more information!

Our friends at Hyrule.net have gotten their hands on the Japanese soundtrack reward for registering Ocarina of Time 3D on Club Nintendo. This CD has 51 tracks from Ocarina of Time 3D including the one orchestrated track that appears in the game. They’re the same songs composed by Koji Kondo in 1998, remastered for the 3DS by Mahito Yokota. The Nintendo of America CDs still haven’t shipped yet, but if you just can’t wait, or are one of the many…