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It is always good to hear some great renditions of under-appreciated songs, especially when they are orchestral arrangements. Some time ago, a talented YouTuber, Bryan Hermus, posted his orchestral cover of the Final exam song from Spirit Tracks. Bryan is great at what he does, and while he is not currently working on Zelda music primarily, this song could indicate some great Zelda music renditions from him in the future. Check out the video after the jump!

There are many Zelda fans out there replaying and recreating many of the memorable songs from the series. YouTuber iPlay video game music has recently posted his latest piece, the theme from the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

We all know what Dragon Roost Island is, and you might guess that piano would have to do with some kind of cover. But what does noodle mean? Well in this case, the term is akin to improvisation/variation, but after listing to the piece a few times, I think that noodle is a much more suitable term. You’ll understand if you listen to the cover! So what are you waiting for? Hit the jump to listen!

While one of the most famous and easily recognizable themes from Zelda, the “Great Fairy Fountain Theme” seldom gets any covers. We’re more used to hearing “Gerudo Valley” or “Dragon Roost Island.” Musician Eric C. W. Peel sought to rectify that with a Latin-influenced arrangement of the beloved song by using only instruments that are struck by a mallet (with an egg shaker and congas thrown in for good measure). The arranger says this piece took him only two hours…