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3D printing seems more and more popular these days, with anyone being able to design and share custom 3D models. A reddit user named rayjirdeoxys spent a good three hours printing this glossy, golden mantelpiece modelled after the classic Hyrulian royal crest. It turned out quite well, and it honestly looks like something you would see being sold on a website like Etsy for a high price. Check it out after the jump!

Imgur user James Sharp (JasperHams) has conceptualized a series of 3D printed masks from Majora’s Mask. Sharp has created designs for all of the transformation masks, as well as Majora’s mask itself. His re-imagined masks are far more realistic than the masks in-game; Sharp hopes the Deku mask will have an aged tree bark texture, his Zora mask is more aquatically accurate, and his Fierce Deity mask draws inspiration from Japanese Kabuki.

Over the last couple of years, 3D printed objects have become more and more common. This is thanks to a variety of online resources, along with some debatably cheap printer options, that have recently become available to the public. This has led to a vast increase in video game related items and characters being created by fans. Andy Bihlmaier is one such fan, having “brought to life” one of the most memorable characters from Ocarina of Time

3D Printed Master Sword

December 23 2014 by Djinn

I have seen quite a few fan and artists recreate objects from the Zelda series, but few are as interesting as reddit member esseff3d‘s 3D printed Master Sword. He goes over the step by step process, creating the model, printing out the various parts, and then assembles them into the final piece. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.