Taco Man Uses Zelda DungeonTaco-Man is one of the popular characters that makes up EbolaWorld. The site is made up of short animated skits, one of which is Taco-Man’s adventures playing many video games, new and old. In Taco-Man’s latest adventure he tackles the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. Click Read More to watch the embedded video or directly check it out over at YouTube.

He starts off the game by getting lost in the overworld, not knowing where to go as he fights off the simple enemies that appear early on in the game. The whole premise of the video is that he is playing the Legend of Zelda for the very first time and he is constantly getting stuck. After dying a couple times he resorts to his trusty Nintendo Power, only to find that the page with the overworld map has been ripped out. He then consults the world of the internet and stumbles upon… Zelda Dungeon! Yes that’s right, at the 7:43 time stamp in the video, if you glance at his computer monitor, you’ll see a capture of our Legend of Zelda Walkthrough!

The video is really hilarious and there are a lot of things he tosses in there that aren’t in the game and this makes the video even better! Definately worth watching for any Zelda fan and if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to the ebolaworld youtube channel to watch more awesome videos.

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