In honor of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, the Symphony of the Goddesses has been flying around the world for the past couple of years performing what we have on good authority are “exemplary orchestral experience[s].” They’ve been to tons of places, but it sounds like they’ll be taking a year off for 2014. In an interview with iNintendoWiiU, the symphony’s producer stated that next year is to be “a hiatus for the Zelda tour.”

However, we should not take this to mean Symphony of the Goddesses is dead. On the contrary, in the same interview the producer is also quoted saying the following year, 2015, will hold

“something special for Zelda fans,” though the nature of that “something special” was not revealed.

“Next year we will be on a hiatus for the Zelda tour. I will touring my new show rePlay Symphony of Heroes We should be coming with something special for Zelda fans in 2015.” — Producer, Symphony of the Goddesses

Source: iNintendoWiiU

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