tumblr_n57g59U3fp1tb8qk1o1_1280A flickr user named Wuppes has created a number of awesome, framed Zelda dioramas out of paper. The use of layers inside the frames simulate a 3D effect, similar to what you see in the 3D Classic versions of NES games on 3DS. Wuppes has made a diorama of the Windfish Egg from Link’s Awakening, the full map from A Link to the Past, and from the same game, one of Link pulling the Master Sword. The Master Sword one even has sound effects!

Check them out after the jump!


Link’s Awakening – Egg:


A Link to the Past – Light World Map:




A Link to the Past – Master Sword:


This is the only size we are able to use when embedding the video of this diorama, but you can see it in fullscreen with the fullscreen button, or you can see it here.

Video Game Dioramas with sound

I am a big fan of the Light World Map diorama. It is massive, and I would love to have it displayed for people to see in my house. Wuppes should make more and sell them. He’d make a killing. To all of these on flickr, and to see a bunch of other games made in diorama form like this, head over here to find Wuppes’ gallery!

Which of these dioramas do you like best? What other scenes from classic Zeldas would you like to see like this? Drop a comment!

Source: flickr (1, 2, 3)