Women Marveling at Zelda Informer 3.0

Welcome everyone to Zelda Informer 3.0! Honestly, we had no intention of launching this right now, nor did we intend to spend three straight days making it a reality. So, what got us to this point? Like the message has said for the past few days, we had an issue during upgrading our cms. In realizing that all the pages would need to be copied over to a fresh install, we figured we might as well make 3.0 a reality. ZI 3.0 was planned to be released at some point next month.

So what’s new? First off our entire navigation is completely fresh. If you haven’t noticed, there is a tab box to the right that dynamically changes by clicking on different tabs. A great way to browse the site all from the same area. On top of that, featured content has returned in a newer, slicker method. It now autoscrolls, with functioning arrows. A big improvement over our last attempt at featured content. All of our game index pages have gotten a complete overhaul, and our vastly popular Spirit Tracks Walkthrough has made a return. What else is new? We have some quick links in the footer of the layout. What else? Zelda Informer has COLOR. Surprising, no?

There are a bunch of minor things too. The content area is wider. Quick links to our RSS, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been added. We are slowly doing away with tables in our content. Gone is the infamous “read more,” replaced with the less annoying continue reading function. We also moved permalink and comments up by the topic name. Oh, and there is this too:

Yeah, quoting is now easily identifiable and makes more logical sense. Isn’t it so much better this way? I thought so.

As always, there are some things not working properly that should be fixed within the week. First and foremost, the comment system is presently down. Hopefully we have it back up today, or at the latest tomorrow. We love to hear what you think about the new and improved ZI, so we feel your pain in not being able to comment on it at this juncture. We promise, it will be back soon. Also, a vast majority of our content pages are down. While there are no broken links in our layout itself, there are broken links within the game index pages. We are slowly revamping the content as we add it back, so it will be a longer process. Still, the content will look and feel fresh when it does come back.

We hope you enjoy the new ZI as much as we have enjoyed making it a reality. While there is still much work to be done, we feel this was a needed change. Welcome to Zelda Informer, where we tell you what to like.

Since the comments are down, feel free to comment on our forums. It’s where all the hipsters type in lowercase.

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