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There has been discussion about a new Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo’s next home console. Naturally, it’s the only franchise that can unite all Nintendo fans into one game, so it comes out each generation. But the big question: what do you update about it? It’s a classic franchise, so too much change can result in outcry; on the flipside, not enough change will have the same effect. It’s up to Nintendo to balance the classic style of Smash Bros. with contemporary ideas. But what do we here at ZI(or at least me) personally want?

Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

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This rumor comes up with every new Nintendo portable: Super Smash Bros.? On one side, it seems like a no-brainer. Draw all your Nintendo fans to the new portable system. On the other side, portable systems are not as capable of the graphics, screen size, and other technical features required for a Smash Bros. game…that is, until now.

The 3DS is has about the same amount of power as the Gamecube, meaning it could definitely handle an incarnation of Smash Bros. But, with the Cafe supposedly coming out sometime next year, is it already too late for SSB 3DS? Possibly. If Nintendo intends upon releasing Super Smash Bros. on the Cafe anytime soon, they probably won’t on the 3DS. Why? People are probably going to think, “I just bought a Smash Bros. game. Why buy another one?” One answer to this quandary could be (another) 3DS remake game of the original Smash Bros. or Melee. Then, people would buy the 3DS game for the nostalgia, and the Cafe game for its new features. A win-win.

Usher in the Online Age

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I know that, technically, this happened with Brawl. But come on. With its hindering lag, poor connections, and overloaded servers, Brawl’s online play was horrible. I often found myself jumping of the side accidentally because of the terrible lag. Nintendo, if you’re out there listening, please give us better online support. Who knows, if there was better online capabilities for Smash Bros., we may be able to launch something on our forums.

Character Variety and Uniqueness

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Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I have nothing against Marth or Ike as characters, except in Brawl. And it’s not just them. I’m against all of the clones- the characters that are exactly or almost exactly the same. Marth and Ike, Ganondorf and Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, and Wolf: all of these are variations on the same characters.

I’m all for bringing new characters into the next game(we’ll talk on that later), but not at the expense of the uniqueness of the individual characters. What good is it to have 50+ characters, but only really only have variations on 20 basic characters? Let’s just put it this way: I never bothered to unlock Wolf.

Branching Out

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This is a new question brought to this generation by Brawl: do we expand our character list with even more third-party characters? My opinion: it all depends on who. I’d love to see some more of the Hedgehogs(so long as they’re not Sonic clones). Mega Man is definitely a viable option. Who knows, maybe even Mickey Mouse(hey, I can dream). The point is, opening up to third parties greatly expands the characters that Nintendo has to choose from. That is, if they accept to be in the game.

So, there you have it folks: ZI’s Super Smash Bros. Wish List. But now, we would like to ask your help in a little project of ours. Next week, I plan on releasing an article entitled “ZI’s Most Wanted Smash Bros. Characters”, or something of the like. What I need for you, the readers and commenters, to do is give suggestions in the comments. Whichever characters get a lot of suggestions will make the final article next week. Be sure to include the character’s full name, their franchise, their company(if not Nintendo), and anything else you want to share about them. We look forward to your submissions.

Source: IGN

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