The brand new exclusives Super Smash Bros. Maybe Not (SSBMN) for the Wii U, and its 3DS counterpart SSBMN 3D were both announced yesterday at Nintendo’s E3 press conference. You might notice that these were not the names mentioned for the games. In fact, you might have noticed that nothing has been mentioned about those games. That’s because they don’t exist outside of some developer’s head, which might as well classify them as fan fiction.

Masahiro Sakurai, the designer mentioned above responsible for the franchise, has revealed that the work on those two games hasn’t even started, and that they are right now at the very beginning – trying to assemble teams to create those games. According to him, “the future of the two new SSB games depends on the ability of the recruited teams to pull it off”. Now you might say “that’s no problem, Nintendo will get someone great”, which is just empty comfort. Countless projects get the axe before the public ever hears of them because the people hired to do it simply did not live up to it. Some of you might recall a nice little game called Duke Nukem Forever, which is now synonymous with stupidly convoluted development history. Unfortunately, Duke wasn’t an exception, but it was one such event that got a lot of media coverage.

The fantastic Metroid Prime series started off as a pretty bad game, until Miyamoto went into Retro Studios, slapped them around a bit and overhauled pretty much the entire game. And all this isn’t even counting the game overhauls and changes which we don’t know about!

Lower your hopes folks for now, it’s for the best.

[Source: Kotaku]

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