Super Mario Brothers Marathon 4

Everybody loves marathons, especially game marathons. Well, the Super Mario Marathon is an annual fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity. It is fan run, and starts on June 24th via live online broadcasts. The donations they accumulate help provide toys, games, and books to children’s hospitals all over the world. They also have contests, with some pretty sweet prizes and give aways. This marathon is running into its fourth year, and they plan to soar this year as they become even more popular.

The team will be playing through twenty five years of Super Mario Brothers games. There are over a thousand levels across the ten games they’ve picked, and your donations determine which of your favorites the team will go through. For those who have watched before, they are improving yet again to give you the most entertainment possible. There will be trivia, a reaction system, and even a Wheel-of-Awesome. How much more awesome can they get?

All donations are given directly to Child’s Play. This is a great way for gamers to give back, and in ways we do best. The event has had almost 500,000 viewers, and has raised over $125,000 for Child’s Play. I personally have watched this marathon, and it is a lot of fun. I watched with a couple of friends on a whim, and it made us all in the mood for some Mario Brothers game time. This event starts in less than two weeks, so why not give it a quick look?

Summer means more free time to play the games we love, so why not spread the love?

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